Butter Media

8-10 x 30'/60' Observational Documentary / Wildlife / Natural History

Tyson’s Wildlife Rescue is an immersive observational documentary series lead by Tyson Mayr; blogger, wildlife activist and koala rescuer as he goes on “search and rescue” missions of endangered and injured wildlife.

Set in the stunning hinterland region of Australia’s famous Byron Bay and Northern Rivers area of NSW, Tyson is working with a team of wildlife volunteers, vets and rangers from Friends of the Koala; a not-for-profit community group dedicated to conserving koalas, safeguarding their future preservation currently under threat of extinction by the year 2050 due in part to the catastrophic bushfires of 2019

Action-packed and emotionally charged, this series focusses on the real-life issues of habitat loss and wildlife conservation all told through the impassioned stories and everyday experiences of our multi-cultural characters who dedicate their lives to animal welfare and koala rescue, determined to save and preserve Australia’s unique and extraordinary wildlife.