Butter Media

4 x 60’ Factual entertainment / History / Science

Imagine yourself back in the dawn of time, somewhere between 70 and 120 thousand years ago. You are not standing in Africa’s Rift Valley but in the Kimberley region of Australia. Around you a community has developed stone tools, hieroglyphic writing, maps, art, agriculture and irrigation, amongst many other things. Nobody else in the world has invented these things yet, and now they won’t need to because they can learn from Australia’s first people, the world’s first scientific community.

This blue chip documentary series challenges the history books and smashes stereotypes as we discover brand new truths about Indigenous scientific knowledge & invention. Hosted by Indigenous actor Rob Collins., he’ll meet a stellar cast of young Indigenous trailblazing detectives as they myth bust ancient inventions. We’ll provide a new understanding of our nation’s time-less past through the eyes of the next generation of story tellers.

Our series sets out to prove that the first people living on this continent actually were the first paddle boarders, map makers, engineers, politicians, marine biologists, songwriters, instrument makers, mathematicians and astronomers. During Rob’s journey he’ll show us how life compares in other parts of the world. What we’re finding is that things were far more advanced here, than what the history books tell us.