Butter Media

6 x 60’ Factual Entertainment

In Australia's Lost Treasures, we will reveal mysterious stories, vast treasure hordes and above all, intriguing stories of greed, betrayal, foolishness, sacrifice and heroism. Set in the top end of Australia, in some of the most remote and inhospitable places in the known world, there is little wonder most of these treasures are still lost.But in the croc infested swamps, in the bone - dry deserts, in the shark infested bays and snake infested jungles we will begin our search.Sometimes for lost gold and diamonds, sometimes for lost relics of the past and sometimes for mythological treasure hordes that come straight out of the pages of boy’s own adventure comics.

This series will take advantage of advances in technology and scanning techniques in the field of exploration geology to re-write history by uncovering lost treasures and forgotten relics. In each episode we will narrate the story of a lost treasure horde from two perspectives, told in parallel. The first perspective is historical; an emotional journey to the origin of the missing treasure. The second perspective is observational; a modern-day adventure filled with new ideas and new technologies being put to use in an action-packed search and recovery mission.