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1 x 60' documentary

‘Bear - Koala Rescue’ will follow the burning issues of the environmental crisis, the broader wildlife impact and the heroic efforts of firefighters, animal rescuers and the animals themselves to portray a story of courage in the face of fire, hope rising from the ashes and survival in the face of devastation.

Australia is no stranger to bushfires but fuelled by the worst drought in living memory and rising average temperatures, today, Australia is facing a climate crisis. Well, let’s rephrase that - a wildlife hell that covers the length of New South Wales in one vast sweep.

The scale of destruction is enormous.

The devastation is widespread and impacts people, their homes and livelihoods but nobody is as badly hit as our wildlife and none more so than the estimated 2000 koalas that have perished in the flames.

Tyson Mayr, presenter, blogger and wildlife campaigner saw his home survive the Darling Downs fire and since that day has lain awake at night listening to the forlorn groans of injured koalas.As soon as he could, Tyson contacted IFAW and the ‘Detection Dogs for Conservation Centre’ where he first met Bear.

Trained to detect live koalas using scent, Bear’s obsessive nature and tireless energy made him the perfect detection dog. ‘Bear - Koala Rescue’ is a one - hour special that will see Tyson follow the amazing work of Bear and his handlers as they spend the summer of 2020 scouring through the burnt-out bushland of Queensland and NSW in search of injured koalas.

Bear too was rescued

A rescue dog himself it is no small irony that Bear may just be rescuing the entire situation himself, now that Tom Hanks and Leonardo Di Caprio have made his work go viral on Instagram and Twitter. But Tyson will be leaving nothing to chance, he will also employ all the help and technology he can muster to assist in the mission including thermal imaging and koala recognition drone technology.

And while Bear is the hero of this story, our goal is to save the injured koalas; a species that is found only in Australia and that must surely be considered a national treasure. Tyson will be there to walk us through their rescue, recovery and return to the wild.

In Production / Available March 2020
Foxtel / Lifestyle Channel