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2 series 13 x 30’

Classical Destinations introduces a new concept to travel and history, exploring Europe’s most spectacular cities and landscapes whilst celebrating in the timeless classical music composed by the greats, including Mozart, Beethoven, Handel, Straus and Bach. Narrated by the celebrated British actor and music expert Simon Callow, ‘Classical Destinations’ mixes documentary, music performance and philosophy in a moving visual tapestry.

We look at the lives and times of the great composers, the places where they worked and lived and made their extraordinary music. Music isn’t just a random collection of notes but the product of imagination, inspiration, influences and ideas. Where does it all come from? Like all of us, the great classical composers experienced times and places that had a profound impact on their music. Classical Destinations explores these places that had a remarkable influence on the composers who lived and worked in these locations.

SBS Television
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